Sick Urban Fantasy Author Posts Videos

I'm under the weather today, so instead of a long and insightful post to inspire you, you get some videos of cool stuff that inspires me:

The first is from Disturbed, a band that has been featuring rather heavily in my playlist lately. This video in particular inspired me to go back to a previous WIP that I'd taken notes on and set aside while writing my Void City stuff. I think I've posted before about building playlists for my protagonists. This is song number one in the playlist for one of that WIP's main characters:

The second is something you may have aleady seen. It was part of BBC Sport's ad campaign for the Olympic games in Beijing. I can't say exactly what about it inspires me in particular, only that it did:

Third up in the queue is a video called We Wo - The Half Moon Werewolf, that is an excellent example of how to keep the fun in Urban Fantasy:

Last of all, a video that all writers and aspiring writers should watch. A writer buddy of mine, Jeff Carlson, refers to it as the Mandatory Education Camp for Writers:

Are you inspired yet?



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