Contest Ahoy!

Survived the coming zombie apocalypse... that picture of me with the white flaking skin and blood all over me was just from a day at the beach for me...

Anyhoo, on to contest time, or as I call it The Totally Not Pat Rothfuss' Photo Contest Contest!

A good idea is a good idea, even if it happens to be the idea of your sworn enemy.

While I would sooner walk down the other side of the street than share it he who shall remain nameless, I am so inclined to run a contest both similar in design and nonsense, all for the sole purpose of heightening worldwide awareness and adoration of Dead To Me. That, and I'm hoping the fan girls really get into it. There's nothing like elf ears on a spirited minx clutching my book to get the feminists after me show some spirit!

Here's what you do:

  • Display a copy of Dead To Me in whatever creative fashion you will. Props, people, what every your twisted mind can come up with. I'm looking for originality here.
  • Snap a picture of it. Send as many entries as you like, but you know, not like a stalkery amount.
  • Send them to me at anton dot strout @ gmail dot com. I'm gonna restrict this to the U.S. and Canada, not because of my general loathing of the rest of the world, but simply because mailing across the planet don't come cheap, folks!
  • Make sure to include how you want your name to be credited for them.

Pictures passing my rigorous screening process will be posted both in my Facebook photo group and at, once I check them for signs of ribald content.

Here's what I will do:

I will sit upon my mighty throne of judgment and make with the judgin's. I'll say the cut off date is Friday, July 18th. Depending on what type of entries come in, I'll be assigning categories of winnage and if you've impressed me with your mad phat photography skills or made me laugh or what have you, you'll earn a prize of some sort. What those prizes are, who can say? I'm a packrat by nature and there's got to be some Anton Strout rarities around here that will someday fetch as high as eight bucks on e-Bay!

Now my greatest fear is no one will play along, so for the love of my fragile ego, spread the word! The more buzz and excitement we get going and the more fun we have, the better my prizes will be!

Remember, this is MY original contest idea, and not that of, say, other more bearded fantasy writers.

Now go forth and make with the snappy photographs! Details of the contest will be posted over at as well should you need to reference them. And for those thinking to have The Name of the Wind standing with a sword over the bloody corpse of Dead To Me- I'm on to you!


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