Only have a couple of minutes...

Okay, there is officially a zombie plague of some kind. Or something. Because there's a shitload of dead people wandering around.

I of course remembered my League Emergency Preparedness Guide, and of course the information on Page 114 is completely accurate (did you doubt?):

"...Zombies prefer human flesh, but, being vicious and not particularly clever, can be easily temporarily mollified by beasts of any variety. Or small vehicles."

This being rural England, there are plenty of cows and sheep around (hey, it's them or us, okay?)

We've fled to the moors, along with a small band of other living people. There are very few homes and villages here, so it's still fairly safe; we've found a B&B and are holing up here for as long as we can.

Meanwhile...the sounds of the cows lowing outside is getting quieter...we're hoping it's just that they're going to sleep.

Thanks goodness there's still a wireless internet network up.


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