Sunday, June 29, 2008

Joke Me, Baby

I have absolutely nothing funny to say. Which is really sad, considering I'm elbow-deep (er, no, more like knee-deep, inching up to thigh-deep) in my current WIP: the fourth Hell book. And while I'm not a laugh-out-loud sort of novelist, I'd like to think there's humor peppered in there, among all the demons and horror and death and stuff like that there.

Actually, I'm feeling a wee bit panicky. This happens, sometimes, when I'm writing. There's various kinds of panic:

(A) The ZOMG THE DEADLINE APPROACHES panic, when I'm terrified that I'll never get the book written in time.

(B) The ZOMG THIS BOOK SUCKS panic, which I think is self-explanatory.

(C) The LET'S TURN JACKIE'S HAIR WHITE panic, which is a lovely dose of A and B, above.

Today's a C day.

So cheer me up, Avid Fans. Know any good jokes?

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