First of all, http://www.cubeecraft.com/ Those all rock.


In all the hoopla of Dead To Me coming out, I have perhaps been neglectful of my next piece of work to hit the stores. Well, that neglect ends NOW!

July 1st will see the publication of The Dimension Next Door, a DAW anthology with yours truly as the opening story.

It's entitled The Fourteenth Virtue and ties into part of the historical records of the Fraternal Order of Goodness from Dead To Me. For those who have read DtM, there was a moment where Simon accidentally triggers off a book that Wesker is holding and he gets a flash of a rotting, decaying but still living Benjamin Franklin. This story looks more into the necromantic adventures of one of our founding fathers... who doesn't want to read that???

So hit your favorite retailer, be they online, bricks and mortar, indie, national chain or creepy guy in a trenchcoat on a corner selling urban fantasy surreptitiously. Go forth!


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