Things just got a little more Reluctanter

Big news in the League clubhouse, and no, Jackie's rash has not cleared up, thanks for asking!

Apparently, Mark and I aren't enough man for the insatiable appetites of our demonic vixens in the LRA, so at their salacious request, we began searching far and wide for a suitable candidate, or manidate if you will...

Neil Gaiman wouldn't return our calls. Robert Asprin, sadly, is dead. China Mieville sent us a cease and desist letter. So we kept on digging... digging, perhaps, past the bottom of the barrel.

It gives me some reluctance and zero joy to announce the newest member of the League, food pornographer and blood sucking enthusiast Mr. Jeremy Lewis. You may remember him from our interview a few weeks ago to help pimp his book Staked. Had we known it would turn into such a mess as this, I would have disbanded the League immediately. Yet apparently, we're stuck with him... for now. For those of you more generous in spirit that I, feel free to welcome him in your warmest League fashion (which for many of you is peeing on him, I know).

I don't pretend to read the type of vampiric tripe the likes of him are responsible for, and honestly he's only here to fill a quota so the LRA can continue to receive funding from the Anne Rice Foundation for Lesserer Fangbangers. Still, he has helped bring all our writing productivity to a halt with discussions of Jelly Babies, Spamcicles, battery-powered toys, machetes, and food porn... on second thought, I welcome him with open arms!

You should too. Show the man some love. You know the kind... the kind that's illegal to do across state lines. Please help us welcome Jeremy! Let the long and spanking paddled hazing begin! League minion,s attack!

(and a wee bit of thanks to Mark for all the trouble it is to add this new fellow to all our banners and pages here)


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