What? A Post About Writing? I Hate Those.

Yet it's what I do. Can you smell the irony? So, I'm going to stomp my feet and pout all through this little blog entry (just keep that in mind).

You see, I'd much rather make fun of crap, or pornify Oscar nominated film titles, or recount the horrors of my daily life than write about what I do, the mechanics of which, I have a hard time making sound amusing. I'm not adverse to reading about writing--in fact, Stacia's post yesterday reminded me to add some scents to my WIP--and according to some author bloggers, it should be our primary purpose.

I'm not sold on that idea.

I've gotten it into my head that people read blogs because there's something about the writer's voice that resonates for them, whether it's a political stance, a similarity to their fiction, or a sense of humor (I'm kind of counting on that). I've tried to follow the program, but it's a struggle. I don't feel like an expert, in any sense of the word, so everytime I try to speak on description or showing vs. telling, I tense up in my gut. I feel like I'm trying to hard.

You know what I mean.

I've seen blogs by writers that have gotten that same advice and their posts are more forced than an impacted bowel and half as interesting. I'm certainly not going to point fingers because I can't say mine are any better. But I need to stick to what I do well. Write what you know, is--I guess--what I'm ultimately saying.

Anyone know of a blog, one devoted to the mechanics of writing and the business of publishing, they think consistently delivers info about writing in an interesting and valuable way?


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