What Urban Fantasists Do When They Can't Sleep

It's 4:23 am, and I'm up. What do I do?

(A) Make a nice cup of tea and try to get back to sleep

(B) Get a glass of wine and try to get back to sleep

(C) Screw the sleep, let's get some caffeine and start writing

(D) Google for the possible reasons why I can't sleep and freak out over the (slight) possibilities of tumors, brain disorders and possession

(E) Go online and see if my Seattle buddies are awake (hi, Caitlin!)

(F) Think about waking up my kids, just to return the favor of many a long, sleep-deprived night from when they were infants

(G) Grab a book and read

(H) Plot to take over the world -- real or fictional, doesn't matter

(I) Blog and post to various online communities; heck, might as well be a little productive*

(J) Mix and match any of the above

What do you do when you can't sleep?

* Okay, duh, so this one's a gimme


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