In case of emergency, break zombie...

How long have I been here?

Looks like the rest of the League is having a tough time of it--I wouldn't know, since I work from home and have managed to stay barricaded inside my house with a supply of chocolate and the internet.

TV went out, though. Bummer. Guess I'm going to have to pick up my TBR pile.

Those neighbor kids are quiet for once, now that the biggest one turned on the smallest and ate her. Circle of life, man...I'm not one to interfere.

It's very quiet here since the electricity went, and a strange smell is coming from under the sink. So quiet. You can hear the zombies singing, in a quiet like this.

They sing to each other, yeah. Maybe we can't understand it, but they're communicating. Watching. Watching me watching them.

Dizzy...time to drink more water.

Let's see what the League handbook has to say about this whole mess...ah, here we go.

Page 52
Caution should be taken when barricading a residence as prolonged confinement can cause feelings of paranoia, hallucinations and irrational behavior. Care should be taken to ensure that a confined survivor does not break the barricade in a fit of insanity and allow the undead into your safehouse. Execution may be necessary.

But if I'm the only one I execute myself? Haven't got a gun...could open the window, just for a moment, just for a breath of air...

Hear that? They're singing...telling me to let them in...


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