Initiating League Protocol Zed

Burst transmission, all channels, New York City. 9:12 a.m. EST.

Ok, WTF people?! I know it's a half day Friday here, but could you fucking pedestrians show a little less sluggishness in the streets and get out of my way?

Hold the phone...

*pulls out the League Emergency Preparedness Guide*

Fuck... we got zombies. This is not a drill, League! Sure, that was e-coli on those tomatoes.... idiots!

*checks the LEPG again*

"I need to talk to Supply about labeling the flamethrowers properly. They really should come with a large sticker on them that says: WARNING! USE ON ZOMBIES ONLY PRODUCES FLAMING ZOMBIES!
-Simon Canderous, New York's
Department of Extraordinary Affairs"

*reaches into Resident Evil 4 and pulls out the infinite shotgun*
Everyone to the League Safehouse NOW!

*puts on t-shirt with the image above on it*



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