Riding the Cyclone, or The Life of a Writer

If you are a writer and hoping to get published, I hope you like roller coasters... at least the emotional kind, because that is what you are in for.

The writing life is a series of ups and down and any instant gratification that does happen has to be deep and personal because from the time you finish writing it to the time people read and comment on it, it is an eternity. So be gratified by your daily accomplishments, be it a few words, edits, research... as long as you are moving forward even in baby steps, yer doing the right thing.

The intoxicating scent of wanting to be published drives people mad. A lot of folks set unrealistic goals for themselves and then get frustrated when they don't make them. A book is written word by word, page by page... take it in those bits and try not to think about THE ENORMITY OF THE TOTALITY OF THE BOOK AS A WHOLE OMG WTF I AM NEVER GONNA FINISH MAH EPIC!!!!

But back to the ups and downs... here's my short list of what I've experienced so far:

UP: sharing my stories, seeing the finished book, the good reviews, getting the occasional fan mail, getting a chance to talk about writing with others, helping others... but here's what really inspired it all- making my first bestseller list over at Locus. I'm number 9 on their Paperback list!


DOWN: finishing yer book in Fall 2007 not to get audience reaction until late Spring 2008, the occasional bad review, trying to figure out they mystical world of if yer book is actually selling (easier for me as I AM in the sales department, but still...), editing book two while trying to write book three and having them interfere with each other, and finally.. the waiting.. oh the waiting for everything- to go on sale, between books, for reviews, for checks!

Despite all that, I do love a good roller coaster and wouldn't trade it for the world... as frustrating as the ride can be at times, I am doing what I love and not everyone gets to say that in this life.

Now speak up, peeps! What are your ups and downs?


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