Songs That Grab You

You ever hear a song that makes you stop everything you're doing so that you can better listen to it? Maybe it's the lyrics; maybe it's the beat; more likely, it's a combination of the sound and the words.

I was driving home last night when I heard this song on the radio that made me start banging my hand against the wheel and singing the chorus (quietly; the kidlets were sleeping). I made myself remember the first line of the chorus (easy, because it was one line that repeated), and as soon as I got home I Googled it.

And then I saw the video, and it blew me away.

The song, in case you're wondering, is "Youth of the Nation" by P.O.D. -- and here's the video.

The last song to make me stop in my tracks like that was Breaking Benjamin's acoustic version of "The Diary of Jane." That one hit me so hard that I nearly changed a character's name in my current story at the time (HOTTER THAN HELL) from Virginia to Jane.

This ever happen to you -- that you hear a song that utterly grabs you by the throat and won't let go? If so, which song?


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