Hmmm...should I be worried?

So I was at Tesco this morning. I have to go there every day, as the refrigerator in our house (well, pretty much every fridge in every house in England) is too small to hold much food. So you can't do a week's shopping at once. Also, the freezer is tiny and has drawers. Very annoying. I digress.

Anyway. I was at Tesco, buying chicken breasts to eat tonight. And I was chatting to my little Faerie who was riding in the cart, like I do every day.

But Tesco seemed a little quieter than usual. Nobody else in there was talking very much. And it was a lot emptier than it usually is at that time of the morning too.

But what really freaked me out was, some guy started following me. Not like a normal guy (of course, guys follow me all the time, lol) but...he looked weird. He kind of shuffled his feet.

Now, he looked really tired. So I thought maybe he was just hung over, and maybe he just wanted to buy a few bottles of water too and that's why he followed me into that aisle. But he seemed fixated on me. It was odd because people don't really look at each other here, as a rule.

I think he tried to touch me, but I was rounding the corner so really didn't see.

A couple of the check-out girls seemed kind of tired and off, too. Now there has been a stomach flu going around (I had it a couple of weeks ago, remember?) But this was, like...really off. Mouths-hanging-open off.

I noticed a lot of people like that when I went to pick Princess up from school, too. Everyone was just sort of standing around. I'm used to being ignored here, but everyone watched me today.

And there was a group of kids eating something on the field. They're not supposed to take food out there, much less huddle in a little group like rabid animals and shove things into their mouths.

It was kind of freaky, to be honest, and I'm not sure what to do. I went outside to smoke a cigarette a little while ago and there were some people just standing around in the road. They didn't see me. I'm starting to wonder if that wasn't a good thing.

What do you guys think? Should I be concerned? or is there just some sort of flu bug in town or something?




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