Buffy memories! Plus, win a signed ARC!

Happy Mother's Day to all vampires (or non-vampires) out there!

So our theme week is vampires, is it? That's right up my alley. The mother thing...not so much.

I mean, I have a mother. I forced her to watch many episodes of Buffy and Angel with me over the years. And I think she even enjoyed some of it.

Buffy, for me, solidified my vamp love -- after years of enjoying Ann Rice and other vamp fiction (usually, at that time, found in the horror section). It was the first time that I noticed vampires "choosing" to be good and actively fighting their darker natures. This really appealed to me. Buffy's relationships with the vampires in her life -- the slayer falling for the vamp -- was a perfect Romeo/Juliet scenario. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a love story (no pun intended).

Upon reflection of Buffy's relationships with both Angel and Spike, I think I like both of them in different ways. Angel was the self-sacrificing guy with the very dark hidden side. Spike was the unapologetic bad boy who'd do anything for love. Both layered, both interesting, and both -- at the time -- really hot!! The difference to me is that Angel would have chosen to save the world before saving Buffy. And Spike would have saved Buffy before saving the world. So...selfishly speaking, Spike edges Angel out on true pigheaded romance. only one of them actually died to save the Buffster. But luckily in Joss Whedon's world...dying isn't necessarily the end.

I had no idea I was going to talk about Buffy in my post! But I guess my love for that show still burns bright even after it's been gone for five years.

Okay.... whew. That was a lovely walk down television memory lane. I MISS YOU BUFFY AND SPIKE AND ANGEL!!! (Bones just does not do it for me. At all. Sigh.)

I want to give away an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of the last book in MY vampire series, originally inspired by Buffy -- I started writing the first book when I got the news Buffy had been cancelled -- SOB!! I flipped things around and made my main character a vampire and the bad guys the slayers. I've had so much fun writing the five books and can't believe it's all over in September when TALL, DARK & FANGSOME releases.

Do you want to win a signed copy of this and have a sneak peek? Just leave a comment and tell me about your favorite Buffy or Angel moment. Or, if you've never watched the shows (gasp!!) what is your favorite vampire movie or television show?

I'll randomly pick a winner on Wednesday, May 13th. Good luck!!!




Anonymous said…
Hi Michelle,

Hope you enjoyed yourself at the Charlatan party and at RT.

One of my favorite Spike moments was when he was being tortured trying to get his soul back, in hopes that Buffy would then return his love. Spike really would do anything for love. Sigh...I am a sucker for Spike, always have and always will be.

Debi Murray

Beth said…
I have never seen Buffy - does that make me weird? lol But I want that ARC! Guess I better update my NetFlix so I can hang with the cool kids...
My favorite Angel moment also involves Spike. It was during the fifth season during the Smile Time episode:

Spike: Hey, big guy. Need another car. 'Fraid this last one ended up in the drink.
Angel: Spike...
Spike: Look at you.
Angel: Spike, just turn around and walk away.
Spike: You're a...
Angel: Spike!
Spike: You're a bloody puppet!

I loved that episode. That whole hour was just hilarious.

As for Buffy, I don't think I have one moment that rocks. There are a bunch of ones that come to mind - the musical was awesome - but that makes me bust out and giggle like Smile Time did.

Angel: What are you people lookin' at? Well?
Spike: They're lookin' at the wee little puppet man.
Fantasy Dreamer said…
I have several favorites but the first one that comes to mind is the scene where Buffy and Spike *clears throat* have sex for the first time. They are fighting each other then it turns in them going at it hot and heavy, while the old house they are in, falls down all around them. ;)
-Kelly Meding said…
Good God, woman, I have to pick just one? Eeek!

Angel - season 4 ep, while Angelus is on the loose. Wesley goes to tell Faith (who's in jail) that Angel needs her help. She doesn't even hesitate, just busts out of jail. I love that entire episode.

Buffy - series finale, that final moment in the corridor. Giles watching Buffy, Xander, and Willow walk away chatting about shopping and food. Just pulls it all full circle.
My favorite Buffy moment was when she Giles. Buffy soon becomes a slayer. My saddest moment was when Angel had to leave. Please count me in for the contest.
Jackie Ballway said…
Never seen an episode of Buffy in my life. I used to watch Angel in the wee hours of the morning when the little guy got up and demanded to be fed (and Bones TOTALLY does it for me!!) but never Buffy. I guess I loved the movie so much (and have watched it three times this week because the lovely people at HBO seem to have a hard on for it)that I worried the TV show would ruin it for me.

But what would my fave vampire TV show be? Kindred: The Embraced. : )
Rob said…
Hi :)
I have never seen Buffy the TV Series or Angel, but I have seen the original Buffy movie in the theater. My favorite vampire movie must still be Interview With the Vampire. I have read all three of your Immortality Bites books. Excellent! (PS Have you read the Queen Betsy books?) Anyway, I would love to have an ARC (I had to Twitter to find out what that was) & signed *gasp - she touched THIS book!* :)
Keep on writing. Please. There is hardly anything on TV & I need your books.
Gemma P said…
HHhmmmm I think possibly my favourite episode was the musical, it was so very cheesy but we all knew everything was coming to the end by then so it was quite sad too and missing one Mr tall, dark and brooding .
Loved every single episode with even a glimpse of Angel's perfect chest it affected me to the extent that upon my first glimpse of my husbands chest he was greeted with a "OMG you have an Angel chest!" at which point I pounced then we cut to happilly ever after music and fade to black.... oh the memories! ;-)
Jasmine said…
Hey Michelle, nice meeting you yesterday. No, I'm not stalking you, really...totally not. LOL

My fav Buffy moment, what heartbreak when Angel and Buffy finally "get together". And then all hell breaks loose, literally. But the music was so lovely and tragic.

Though the "Once More, With Feeling" ep was so cool. Who thought you could do an all singing all dancing dramadey??
Krissy said…
I was a huge Buffy fan after seeing the movie. I saw that and Interview with the Vampire at the same time. Those two movies solidified my love of all things vampire, especially since I grew up watching old black and white movies with my granddad. I adored Lugosi! No one could understand that vampires were awesome while clowns terrified me.

I followed Buffy the Series closely for a few years but dropped it after Angel left. I was utterly crushed, but thankfully, I had Angel the series to look forward to.

I had briefly given up on all things vampy until I joined another library and saw a shelf of Anita Blake books. Quickly exhausted the supply, jumped to the Queen Betsy Books, exhausted that too, and found your first book in the Immortality Bites but had to wait on the jerk who had it overdue for a few days. That's the only one the library had :(.

I have to say thanks for contributing to my vamp summer reading fest! I can't wait to read TDF and I'll probably be crying because it'd be the last time to read about the gang!
smitten_reader said…
i guess i would have to say when Angel becomes Angelus :) it was so hard to actually top that episode :p
Paula said…
Maybe that part where the demons and Spike are playing cards for kittens and Buffy drinks tequila and goes "bleergh".

Alright, maybe not the favorite scene, but it's somehow memorable. lol
Elyane said…
Fantasy Dreamer has the same Favorite Spike Moment that I have.But second best is when Buffy dies and we see him cry. Gets me everytime
Hagelrat said…
Oddly I never found Angel attractive, but DB does do it for me in Bones.
Jennifer said…
Favorite Buffy moment for me was at the end of the second season. Buffy was trying to save the world while Willow was trying to put Angel's soul back. Just as Buffy was about ready to kill Angel to prevent Armageddon, he gets his soul back and they express their love for each other and she still has to kill him. Makes me cry every time.
Glowstars said…
My fave buffy moment would have to be anything with Riley in - damn he was hawt!
Michelle Rowen said…
Glowstars... I will not hold this opinion against you. ;-)
Heather said…
Its hard to pick just 1 Buffy moment. Since we are talking about romance, it has to be the ep where Buffy and Spike are going to be 'married'. Willow wants her will to be done. That's just an awesome ep. Best quote "We can register as Mr. & Mrs. Big Pile of Dust."

Also, love the whole musical ep!!!

I do love Spike!!!

Sign me up for the contest.
Anonymous said…
I love the Once More, With Feeling episode but my favorite season would have to be the last one with all of its Nathony goodness as bad guy Caleb.
bridget3420 said…
Hmmm. Favorite... I guess when Buffy and Angel first got together.
Diane Ascencao said…
I love the episode "Hush". The Gentlemen steal the voices of the of everyone in Sunnydale, everyone in the town is unable to speak. The episode is completely silent. It was awesome. The spell below started it it.

Can't even shout, can't even cry
The Gentlemen are coming by.
Looking in windows, knocking on doors,
They need to take seven and they might take yours.
Can't call to mom, can't say a word,
You're gonna die screaming but you won't be heard.

You can still enjoy season 8 of Buffy in comic book form. Joss Whedon is over seeing the series. I never read comic books but I love this series so much. They are up to #24, it rocks!
unseelieme said…
My favorite episode was "Hush". Totally freaky, and you couldn't look away because you'd miss something vital with all that silence.
As for favorite Buffy/Angel/Spike moment, I tried to think of one & couldn't decide. I loved them all. I was less of a fan of Riley, who wasn't "touch of evil" enough to fill Angel or Spike's shoes.
p.s. Just finished Stakes & Stiletto's which I enjoyed very much - does that get me bonus points? :)
KatieE said…
I love Buffy so much its hard to pick a favorite part!! The musical episode (all of it) is a favorite... but for the contest I guess I'll pick is in the sixth season, when the jonathan, andrew and warren are screwing with Buffy and she goes out drinking with Spike, and every time she takes a sip of alcohol she shutters. And Spike plays poker for kittens... and then the trio has an argument about who the best bond is (and andrew picks timothy dalton) I loved it!!
Also another favorite park is in the series finale, after Buffy and Angel kiss, Buffy goes to talk to Spike and he is punching the punching bag with a drawing of Angel taped on it... LOVED IT!!
So excited for this book!!!
Maree Anderson said…
OMG, those vids were amazing! I stopped watching Buffy years ago *cringes at the outcry* so I didn't see the whole Buffy/Spike thing going on. Soooo gonna be ordering the entire series on DVD now I've had a taste of what I've been missing, tho!

Gosh. Buffy and Spike. Buffy and Angel. So that's where Lost came up with Kate/Sawyer/Jack, huh? We're behind here in NZ so Jack's still save the world first, whereas Sawyer is save Kate and then the world.

Can't comment on fav Buffy scene as I honestly can't remember, it's been so long since it screened in NZ. But fav vampire movies (excluding such splatterfests as From Dusk Till Dawn) are
1. Underworld: I love that whole angst-ridden vampire loving a lycan aspect.
2: a steam-punk vampire movie filmed in NZ called Perfect Creature...awesome take on the vampire mythos.
JD said…
My favourite Buffy moments were the entire episodes of "Hush" (SUPER creepy) and "Once More With Feeling" and the moment when Buffy finds her mum (I sobbed like a baby, made worse by the total lack of any music).
As for romantic moments in either the Buffy or Angel series, I don't have one. Really. Bear in mind, I've yet to see the final series in either shows. However, I just pine for the day when Weasley gets the girl.

("They got the mustard out!")
Kiyote said…
honestly best sex scene ever on network tv...was spike and buffy as the house fell down around them. omg hot. they had the chemistry.

loved angel but in the end wanted him with cordy!
Suzan Harden said…
Oh, Michelle...say it's not the last one! *sob*

Fav Buffy moment - Final season of Buffy when Angel & Spike are arguing. Buffy threatens to oil them up and let them duke it out, but then starts fantasizing of being the filling in an Angel/Spike sandwich. Funny and sexy at the same time!
Qwill said…
The musical episode is also my favorite, but I really liked the entire show!
donnas said…
I have only seen a couple of episodes. I wasnt into vampires as much when it was on as I am now.

My favorite vampire movie is The Lost Boys and my favorite TV show was Forever Knight.
Carla said…
My favorite Angel moment didn't have Angel at all. It was the episode when Fred died. Wesley broke my heart. Alexis Denisoff is really underrated as an actor.

My favorite Buffy episode is "The Body". Beautiful writing that had nothing to do with vampires.

I really like Bones, I think Davids' acting has improved since his Buffy days.
Caffey said…
Hi Michelle! Congrats on the new book! Yes! :)

Can you believe I never saw Buffy or Angel!! I don't watch much TV or movies. But I did see MOONLIGHT and so miss that show! I loved Mick on that! I do love that they tied up the show nicely so that it had an HEA ending. Its on again now on another channel (not sure which) if people missed it. I do plan to get the first season of both Buffy so that I can start watching and see what I missed!

Love to be in for the ARC. Thanks!
Llehn said…
Favorite Buffy moment? Gosh there are so many of them! But if I were to pick one, I would choose the opening scene from Once More With Music where Buffy sings Going Through The Motions!


Thom Marrion said…
Letting my geek flag fly here, and it is gonna get really geeky in a moment.

I used to write some of the supplements for the Buffy/Angel RPG's, back when Eden Studios still had the license. Part of the process of putting out any kind of role-playing game book is to have people playtest it; basically go through and see what works in an actual game and what doesn't, as well as just catching things you might have gotten wrong.

Game Geek 101. The point of all that is one of the playtesters was running a game at a Con at the time that I was working on the a "Welcome To Sunnydale" book. He was using characters from that particular book, including Willow's Season 7 girlfriend Kennedy.

Who should be at the convention and decide that she wants to sit in on the game and play Kennedy? Iyari Limon, the actress who played Kennedy.

The reason I find out about any of this is that the guy emails the playtest group and says that Iyari thought some of her stats in the game should be different. I figure she knows the character better than I do, so I make the changes.

Then it occurs to me that, technically, this makes Iyari Limon a playtester for the Welcome to Sunnydale book. She played, she tested, she had ideas about how it could be improved. I'm listing her as a playtester in the credits of the book. Sadly, Eden lost the license and the book still hasn't been released yet.

Still, I am fairly certain that this is the first time an actor ever playtested the character they actually portrayed for a licensed role-playing game.

There are people who hate Kennedy because she ain't Tara, but I have no problems with her at all. Kennedy is a-ok in my book :)
Thom said…
As far as favorite moment from the shows, a lot of them are Spike & Angel moments from Season 5 of Angel

The whole "Drusila made me a vampire but you made me a monster" speech.

The way Spike reacts when he finds out Drusilla has also been sleeping with the Immortal.

On Buffy itself, I love The Body and Anya's speech is always the one that makes me tear up. Just a little. In a manly way.

One of Willow's first conversations with Oz always makes me laugh. Oz asks if they always break into military bases for fun and Willow replies that they don't have cable so they have to make their own fun.

So many favorite moments. Between Buffy and Angel, that's a dozen years of win to choose from.
Thom said…
Oh, Wesley's death scene with Illyria/Fred. That also gets me every time.
babygirlG said…
My favorite Angel moment was Fred's death. Totally heartbreaking ...

Anonymous said…
I always liked Spike better ... even before he was with Buffy. But my favorite Spike/Buffy moment ... when they were in the old school (can't remember why) and they were fighting ... and then making out ... and then - well, you get the idea. LOVE Spike!

Shannon said…
Oh the memories...To pick just one

I will have to settle on the musical.

too much fun!
Falcata Times said…
LOL, I have a few, I really like the one in the first season where Spike is taking the mick out of Angel whilst spying on him from the rooftop. (I think it was called "In the Dark)

I also loved Smile Time and the scene where Spike discovers his "affliction."
Suzette said…
OMG! That brought back memories! I loved Buffy with both Angel and Spike because they were just so different. Spike ultimately became who I cheered for since she could actually be with him without him going all evil, hell he was already there...lol.

Fave Spike episode, where he had the robot that looked like Buffy. You know, before he actually got Buffy.
Firecat said…
I can't believe the number of people who actually admitted they never watched Buffy! :-)

It's impossible to pick just one favorite moment, so I picked three:
-the episode of Buffy where she and Angelus are fighting while Willow tries to restore Angel's soul and she does, but it's too late and Buffy has to kill him anyway.
- the crossover episode with Buffy visiting Angel and he became mortal again and got to eat food for the first time in centuries, and they could make love with nothing bad happening, but at the end he had time turned back so she wouldn't remember
- and episode of Angel where Spike and Angel go flying off to Europe to "save" Buffy
Tabatha B said…
Okay my favorite Buffy moment would have to be... Tabula Rasa. Listening to Spike rant about being Randy 'Desperate-For-A-Shag' Giles was the funniest I had seen in a while.

Great Contest!
Vickie said…
My favorite Buffy&Spike moment was when they just basically lost their minds and became engaged to be married. The planning, the cooing, the disgust on everyone else's faces...the whole episode was FAB!
Vickie said…
And 'Angel' episodes at 0400 and 0500 makes it easy to get up and go to the mancave to work out every weekday morning.....I feel a need for a Buffy marathon...boxed set on DVD!
Anonymous said…
I came late to Buffy--so my favorite moment is the entire musical episode. After that one episode, I had to go back to the beginning and rent the entire series and watch it. I also loved the episode where they all lose their memories and Giles and Spike think they're father and son. Too good.
Hummm I loved Buffy and Angel..
but for a fav episode.
I loved when they were up agains Dracula... I love when Spike says
Dracula? Poncy bugger owes me £11, for one thing........
And when Xander is like yes ohhh I will serve you, your Excellent Spookiness.
Buffy says why did you come here to meet a Slayer... Dracula says Why else would I come here? For the sun?

Priceless........ I might be a little slightly obsessive.
Miranda C said…
I can't say that I ever really got into the series. Although in middle school, I LOVED the movie (caught it on tv a couple of months ago and laughed at how awful it really was). I've found that while I like to read about vampires they don't quite do it for me on screen.
love the ep of, when buffy and angel, first make love, and he has the perfect moment of happiness that turns him into angeliues(sp?) and though the crypt sex with spike got way hot .
Krissy (can't login :() said…

I thought the world was going to end at that episode! As much of a badass Angeles was, I adored Angel.
synde said…
my favorite is the one with the little tiny demon that they are teasing at the end. then spike steps on it and squashes it. priceless

'who's the wittle tiny demon?"
Marie said…
I've never watched either Buffy or Angel. My favorite vampire television show was Moonlight, still miss that show.
-Kelly Meding said…
I admit, I loved the Fred's-Death episode of Angel for its Wesley angst and for killing Fred. I hated her character. Ha-ted.

Lurved Illyria, though.
AngelaD said…
Ahhh I love talk of buffy!
Only one favourite! Hmm... I do love the scene in Buffy at the end of the episode when Jenny is killed and Angel us doing a voiceover. But a great happier moment is when Buddy, Willow and Xander are waling in college and Xander yells "nothing can defeat the penis!"

As for Angel, I love the part in the last episode where Illyria pretends to be Fred for Wes as he dies :( waaaa
Nicole said…
You want me to chose just one favorite moment? It can't be done. "Once More With Feeling" has been mentioned several times already, so I'll go with the episode that follows it, "Tabula Rasa". So many hysterical moments. Especially love the father/son moments between Spike and Giles and Spike freaking out about being named Randy Giles coming back with something along the lines of "Might as well have just called me 'Desperate for a Shag' Giles". Priceless. Oh, and pretty much any scene with Oz. Love Oz...
Vanessa said…
My favorite moments were pretty much any Spuffy moments, minus the horrid bathroom scene. But I love when he's outside and she asks what he's doing in 5 words or less and so he says 'out for a walk...bitch' but you see all his cigarette butts on the ground under the tree
charity2174 said…
Oh...I think all moments when David Boreanaz was on screen as Angel were my favorite. He was just such a lovable and hot vampire!
"I started it, the whole having a soul, before it was all the cool new thing."---Angel
Lisa Pulliam said…
I'm a very very bad vamp fan. I've never seen Buffy or Angel! Gasp! I know. I can't wait to read you newest :)
Lost Angel said…
Grr, Arg! I chose my screen name (Lost Angel) after Angel went off the air.

There's too many episodes going around in my head and every time I think I've found my one favorite episode, I remember something from another one! If I have to chose, I will pick (and it's a tie) The Girl In Question and Not Fade Away. The Girl in Question made me laugh (Oops, but not as much as Tabula Rasa) I have watched Not Fade Away countless times and still cry at Wesley's death scene (but I still cry when Buffy leaves Spike in the Buffy finale, too) And then there's Smile Time when Angel is a wee little puppet man, and when Cordelia dies, and when Wesley sits with Fred when Illyria is taking over her body, and every episode with Faith.

Forget it. I'm not choosing. I love them all!

leaves the post singing Barry Manilow songs
Awwwww, this made me miss Buffy all over again! Just when I think i'm over it, BAM, addicted again, lol!!!
I loved Buffy and Spike together! The last scene where Buffy tells Spike she loves him and he says : No you dont, but thanks" I wanted to go into the tv and kill, lmao!!!!
My fav scene with them two was probably when they are talking kinda about there relationship and what may happen after the big fight. When Spike said that was the best night of his life *the night they cuddled and talked* *dreamy sigh* He's so damn hot!!! :D

I am SO looking forward to Tall, Dark and Fangsome! I so love this series!!
Kay said…
Buffy has been my favorite series ever since i saw y first episode. Joss and his gang just made everything so amazing.

Buffy: I kill your kind.
Spike: And I bite yours. So how come I don't wanna bite you? And why am I fightin' other vampires? I must be a noble vampire. A good guy. On a mission of redemption. I help the hopeless. I'm a vampire with a soul.
Buffy: A vampire with a soul? Oh my god, how lame is that?

Buffy: My diary? You read my diary? That is *not* okay! A diary is like a person's most private place! I... You don't even know what I was writing about! 'Hunk' can mean a lot of things, bad things. And, and when it says that your eyes are 'penetrating', I meant to write 'bulging'.
Angel: Buffy...
Buffy: And 'A' doesn't even stand for 'Angel' for that matter, it stands for... 'Achmed', a charming foreign exchange student, so that whole fantasy part has nothing to even do with you at all...
Angel: Your mother moved your diary when she came in to straighten up. I watched from the closet. I didn't read it, I swear.

Spike: I was actually at Woodstock. That was a weird gig. I fed off a flowerperson, and I spent the next six hours watchin' my hand move.

Buffy: The Cliff Notes version? I want a normal life. Like I had before.
Angel: Before me.
Buffy: No, Angel, it's not you. You're the one freaky thing in my freaky world that still makes sense to me. I just get messed sometimes. I wish we could be regular kids.
Angel: Yeah. I'll never be a kid.
Buffy: Okay, then a regular kid and her cradle robbing, creature-of-the-night boyfriend
Terri said…
OMG so many good moments to choose from. I guess I have to say when Buffy and Spike got down and dirty.

Anna said…
Never seen a buffy or angel episode. But... promise that will change. Have seen Dollhouse and loved Whedon way of presenting characters. So I guess I'll spend my whole summer watching and enjoying Buffy and then Angel.
Lots of fun ahead, I guess :)
Penelope Ann said…
Love Buffy--watched it in Philosophy class when discussing body and mind and soul switching. Focused on the ep. where Buffy and Faith switch bodies. After much study, I grew to love it as my favorite episode. Wait, no, I still like Hush the most. But its up there.
Anonymous said…
There are so many favorites to choose from, but I liked the episode "Amends" in Season 3 where Angel decides that Buffy is better off without him and decides to end it all at sunrise. But instead they are met with a morning snow fall that keeps the sun from shining. Then Angel and Buffy walk through the town in the snow.

Anonymous said…
I never could get into Buffy, but my favorite Vampire TV show was Blood Ties. I am more of a reader than a TV watcher & read lots & lots of vapire tales.

Jen and Ed said…
Oooo...Buffy, I was totally a fangirl back in the day, but unfortunately I haven't seen an episode since probably about 1996 or 1997, so I couldn't tell you my favorite moment.

I'm so lame that I'm not much of a tv watcher unless it's LOST or something on HGTV. Just think if they added vamps to those shows, just how much more interesting they would be! :-)

I do love your books, even if my love is newfound. I just finished up Bitten and Smitten and will get started on Fanged and Fabulous later tonight. Fabulous work, my dear and I can't wait for your YA title to come out too!

Rose Miller said…
Best Buffy and Spike moment was when they tore the building down having sex for the first time. *whew* Poor Angel could only have one blissful moment with Buffy before he lost it. I also like when Spike sings to Buffy in his crypt "Let Me Rest In Peace" saying "in me you got a willin slave" *sigh*

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