Mother****er of All Vampires


Is it mother****er or mother ****er?

::checks and comes back::

Ah. Either is correct. When I found out this was the Mother ****er of All Vampires week on the League, I thought it was incredibly sweet of everyone to want to do a week all about the bad ass vampire men in fiction... and then I realized it wasn't about that, but since Eric's sire (or "Grandma" if you ask Greta) doesn't show up on panel until book three of the Void City series, I'm making a shout out to all the Vampire Dads.

And I don't mean vampires creating offspring to rule the night and the bedroom with... I'm talking about vampires trying to create an actual family. Folks like Anne Rice's vampiric Odd Couple (yes, I did just compare Lestat and Louis to Felix Unger and Oscar Madison - you guys can fight who is Felix and who is Oscar amongst yourselves)... Hey, smooth moves, guys - cause making child vampires *always* works out sooooo well. Of course, even if you wait things don't automatically work out. Just take a look at Greta, Eric's daughter in my Void City series. Everyone wants their daughter to grow up to be a vampiric super-killer with an eating disorder, right?

So let's hear it for the Vampire Dads. After all, they have fangs, too!


And speaking of the F word, (not Fangs, the one I censored above... the "Fire Truck" word)... in the spirit of shameless pimping, I'm experimenting with podcasting STAKED (Void City, Book One) as a way to celebrate its release in mass market this June and to spread the word about the series. The test version of the first episode is up and I'd be interested in getting feedback/suggestions on it before I go all iTunes with it. You can find the episode here.


Okay. Now seriously. I think Louis would totally be Felix as played by Tony Randall. Who's with me?


Jackie Ballway said…
Now I have this nasty mental image of Walter Mathau sucking Jack Lemmon's blood and it ain't from the neck.
Daelith said…
Jackie, that was mental image I could have done without. Not sure I can eat lunch now.

I loved Greta in Staked. She's one of my favorite characters.

Also agree that Louis would have been Felix.
Vickie said…
And now I have Brad and Tom's craniums superimposed over Tony Randall and Jack Klugman's craniums.....that helps a bit.....
Jeremy F. Lewis said…
In my own defense, I should mention that I was thinking in more of the humorous exchanges vein, rather than... a... um... romantic one.

You know, a standard Odd Couple-style fight over day to day vampire stuff.

[With apologies to Anne Rice]

Lestat walks back into the apartment. The young lady he just slew is not longer on the loveseat. "Louis." Lestat glances around the apartment. "Louis, what did you do with my victim?"

"I threw her out." Louis makes a dismissive gesture.


"She'd been dead for hours, Lestat."

"Louis." Lestat stalks across the room.

"She was beginning to smell." Louis walks to the other side of the room making certain he puts a large table between himself and Lestat.

"Louis! She'd been dead for thirty minutes. Thirty minutes!!! She was not starting to smell."

"She was, too, Lestat! I have an excellent sense of smell and I couldn't take it. Besides... she wasn't up to your usual standards"


Jackie Ballway said…
While I was trying to keep down my Pringles Honey Wheat sticks, I forgot to mention a vampire dad. The only one I can really think of off the top of my head is Mircea from Karen Chance's books. Hate him. HATE HIM. But, he's got a kick ass daughter.

Glad I could make everyone's day!!

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