Pulling in the Dough

From the age of twelve I knew the only thing I ever wanted to do in life was write books. But this field is slower than cold molasses, especially when you suck at it in the beginning like I did. So I figured I should find real work to help support the family while I learned how to write well (because apparently four years of college wasn't enough--snort!). Only in the last couple of years have I been able to write exclusively. Before that I held a number of odd jobs. Here's my short list:

Piano Teacher
TV Continuity Supervisor
Day Care Provider
Pool Cleaner
Freelance Writer
Grant Writer

So what kind of cool gigs have you guys held down?


Michelle Rowen said…
From high school to a year ago...

McDonalds employee
Video Store cashier
Telephone solicitor
Graphic Designer

Writing is definitely the best job so far. :)
Jackie Ballway said…
Meeting Planner Assistant
Tax Software Customer Service

I know, I know, you're all jealous.
Vickie said…
~Vet's Assistant (re..critter cage cleaner outer) X 2
~Cleaned the kitchen at a steakhouse after closing time
~Video/Audio store clerk X 2
~pizza delivery in UK
~motel maid
talshannon said…
Office Assistant
Walt Disney World Employee
Pitch Writer for animation
QA/Writer for Dreamworks Interactive & EA-LA (video games)
Founder & Creative Director & Editor of manga/comic publisher Go! Comi

My current job (the last one listed above) has kept me swamped for five years, but this summer I'm finally submitting manuscripts again that are not comic/graphic novel related. It feels soooo good to get back in the ring!
Nicole Peeler said…
Coolest gig was live-in jack of all trades assistant for Saul Bellow and his wife.

Worst gig was bartender at a hillbilly bar where people would ride their horses because "the horses knew their way home."
Vic said…
Piano teacher and disney world employee are definitely cool.

Legal Secretary
Admin assistant/estate agents' skivvy
Shop assistant
Teacher of English as a foreign language
Jennifer Rardin said…
I don't know about you guys, but I find this all pretty encouraging. And I can see how a lot of these experiences feed into the ultimate coolness of who you all are.
-Kelly Meding said…
*Summer nanny (miraculously, the child and I both survived)
*Clerk at (not my) family-owned grocery store, now out of business
*TCBY yogurt wrangler
*Linen outlet store slave for multiple summers
*Intern at John Wells Productions (my brief stint in Hollywood)
*All possible store positions for Pier 1 Imports, from sales associate to acting store manager. Still there. 7 years this month. Ack!

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