Have You Tried Not Being a Vampire?

I wanted to take a slightly different angle on "The Mother of All Vampires" theme and chat about, well, mothers. Mothers of vampires, that is, rather than mothers who are vampires (although symbolically speaking, they can be one and the same). Being turned into a vampire can be a traumatic experience for the turnee, but what about those left behind? Particularly, mom?


On Sunday, I had the pleasure of devouring our own Molly Harper's NICE GIRLS DON'T HAVE FANGS, and I enjoyed every snarky, Southern-flavored word. Molly has a fun take on vampires and their place in society, and I love the self-help passages that start each chapter.

Her heroine, Jane, has a fascinating set of parents--especially Mom. I won't go into details, for fear of spoilage, but there are several fun scenes in which new-vampire Jane and clueless Mom...um...interact. I'm very curious to see how the relationship develops in the next book.

I also mentioned another character in comments the other day--Justina Crawfield, mother of half-vampire Cat (The Night Huntress series, by Jeaniene Frost). Justina has developed from a bitter, vampire-hating, daughter-smothering victim into someone with so many more layers. Again, no specifics, because I don't want to spoil anything, but there's a moment in the third book in the series (fans should know which one I mean) that had me laughing out loud. And cheering for the other guy. ;)

Anyone else? Other non-vampire Moms of vampires you enjoy?


Jackie Ballway said…
Betsy's stepmom in MaryJanice Davidson's series is my favorite. The scene were Betsy finds out Ant tryied to bury her in cheap shoes was hilarious!
Jackie Ballway said…
*where, not were : (
Molly Harper said…
Aw! Thanks, Kelly!

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