The Review I'd Been Waiting For... From My Husband

When my husband, David, and I first got married, I was a scribbler. I scribbled ideas for books in legal pads, notebooks, three-ring binders. I had outlines and chapters and a few completed manuscripts saved on a huge stack of diskettes with carefully coded titles. And they were all ... well, terrible. (I've had about 10 years, my ideas have improved since then.)

My husband wasn't allowed to read any of it. Hence the coded titles. I was afraid he'd think he'd married a delusional lunatic. Or that I wasn't happy with him because I spent my free time creating these perfect, sexy paperback heroes. And still, every time we moved, he dutifully hauled my big box of notebooks and diskettes from house to house without complaint.

When NICE GIRLS DON'T HAVE FANGS sold, David asked, "NOW, will you let me read somethiing you wrote?" I asked him to wait until it was in final edits, so he'd see the best possible version. And by the time the book came out in April, David been involved in a masters course and was up to his eyeballs in criminology textbooks.

So he was finally able to start reading the book late last night. He got through the first chapter, in which Jane is fired from her job as a children's librarian, gets mistaken for a deer on her way home, is shot and left for dead, then gets turned into a vampire.

I sat next to him, trying not to twitch as he read. Every time he laughed out loud was a huge thrill. And when he was done with the chapter, he looked up at said, "It's funny. And it sounds just like you talking to me."

Sounds like a I'm a hit.


T.M. Thomas said…
Yay for good reviews and squee for supportive Sig Others.
Jackie said…
That's terrific, Molly!

My Loving Husband said to me last night: "You're keeping a copy of BLACK AND WHITE, right?" I said of course, and he said, "Good, because I want to read it."

Collette said…
This made me tear up a little bit--so sweet!
Jessica Kennedy said…
Awww! That's too sweet! :) Congrats!
Caffey said…
LOL. (I'm a reader, not a writer) My hubby pretty much just reads some magazines so he doesn't read much with novels only once in a blue moon and he sometimes sees me laughing with some books, crying with some and others me telling him 'later, later' when he tries to talk to me. So I often now share a part here and there that I like, wanted him to see, etc. So the other day I did that and sitting there waiting and waiting for him to give me the book back because he kept reading! It was a book that Jackie Kessler was in an anthology. So I picked up another book to read so that he didn't think he had to give me the book right back and I told him he didn't. That was a couple of nights ago. I need to get it back!
Too sweet, I love it when they say the right things (now, if we can get them to do it all the time...)

Dottie :)
Leslee said…
That's too cool! I can't wait for the next book myself.
Falcata Times said…
Yeah to get that positive vibe from your other half is always magic. I wrote an article for the British Science Fiction magazine and when it arrive my other half opened it up, saw my name, read it and shouted at me for not telling her I'd done it.

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