The Fever for the Flavor of...

...some mother-effin' blood, bitches!  

Oh yes, it's vampire week here at the League so I figured I'd bust out the opening scene of one of my favorite movies, The Hunger.

Not only does it sport the hottest bisexual milf vampire ever to grace the screen, Catherine Deneuve, it featured a band that would really flavor my high school experience, Bauhaus.

A little warning, the clip features nudity and some pretty freaky fake animal violence.  Take it away, Pete!

(and no, I have no idea who or what Bar do Bulga is)

What are some of your favorite vampire flicks?


-Kelly Meding said…
Oooh, favorite vampire flicks.

Lost Boys
30 Days of Night
Once Bitten
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (yes, the campy one with Kristy Swanson)
Jackie Ballway said…
30 Days of Night
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Shadow of the Vampire (dammit, I forgot that one on the Bitten list!!)
From Dusk Till Dawn
Dracula (Bela and Gary)
Blade: Trinity
House of Frankenstein (Adrian Pasdar version) ((Because it's the first time I ever heard Smashing Pumpkins, not because of the positively WRETCHED acting)) (((And because Adrian Pasdar is effing delicious)))
Interview with a Vampire
Dracula 2000 (Campy but watchable)
Once Bitten
Buffy, the Vampire Layer (*snort* so funny)
Mark said…
See? I enjoyed the Buffy movie, too. Purists be damned.

Some other faves...
Near Dark (cowboy spurs are hell on a throat)
Salem's Lot (bringing back Nosferatu-chic)
Vamp (Grace Jones!)
Lost Boys (seriously)
Once Bitten (I'm totally going to netflix that one, super young Jim Carey and Lauren Hutton--thanks for the memories Kelly!)
Lifeforce (naked space vampires!)

What am I forgetting?
Brooke Reviews said…
I can't help but watch the cheesy Buffy movie whenever it's on tv. :)
Mark said…
Totally. It's a guilty pleasure that I don't feel guilty about. At. All.
synde said…
who doesn't love that scene.. I mean seriously look how young peter murphy is!
-Kelly Meding said…
Mark - Once Bitten is one of those movies I insisted on watching whenever it was shown on cable.

Another one I forgot - The Monster Squad!
Vickie said…
~Vampire's Kiss (Nicolas Cage's hellah cool desk leap)
~Buffy the Vampire Slayer (luh-huved PeeWee!)
~Lost Boys
~From Dusk Til Dawn
~Near Dark (serious crush on Bill Paxton)
~Shadow of the Vampire
~Blade (all three)
gres said…
My name is Marcelo Bulgarelli from the Bar do Bulga.
Bar do Bulga is a brazilian blog. A 'virtual bar' about ideas, culture and music. All the text are in portuguese.

Anonymous said…
Underworld: Evolution
All three Blade movies (though Blade is technically a dhampir, killing vampire)
Once Bitten
From Dusk til Dawn
Nicole Peeler said…
Let The Right One In.

Knocked my socks off.
Mark said…
Hey Marcello! Thanks for the youtube video!!! I saw some other stuff on your blog that made me think we might be kindred spirits, namely the Romero Crazies clip.

Boa Noite!
JD said…
I'm a sucker (HA!) for dodgy vampire movies, so Buffy and Twilight get my vote.

I love Lost Boys (my introduction to boys and vampires essentially) and Underworld (who doesn't love Bill Nighy? And Kate Beckinsale in tight leather?)

I'm on a waiting list for Let the Right One In when it's released on DVD. I've heard good things, so can't wait.
Thom Marrion said…
I love The Hunger. The Flower Duet from the Léo Delibes opera "Lakmé" was one of my favorite pieces of music entirely because of that scene.

I like Murnau's Nosferatu and Shadow of the Vampire (how Murnau found a real vampire to play Orlok).

Polanski's Fearless Vampire Killers.

I hated Count Yorgo, but if you MST3000 it and turn it into a movie about Fred Sanford hunting Dracula, it becomes a much more enjoyable movie.

Omega Man, just because.

The Night Stalker, because Kolchak rules.

George Romero's Martin

Fright Night and the Lost Boys, because there never would have been a Buffy without these kinds of films.

Near Dark. Redneck Vampires. Nuff said.

From Dusk Til Dawn

Night Watch. Kind of a mess, but god bless the Russians for trying. Some great scenes for the three rubles they had to make this film.

Let The Right One In. omg bestest vampire film evar!

I kind of like The Forsaken and Jesus Christ-Vampire Hunter. I'm not proud of this, but there it is.

If you throw in TV, there's Buffy (of course) and a Brit show called Ultraviolet. There's another Brit show called Being Human about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost all sharing a flat together that I absolutely love. Not to mention Tru Blood.

I like werewolves so much more than vampires, but vampires do tend to get the better movies.
Jackie Ballway said…
Jesus Christ-Vampire Hunter! I almost forgot about that movie. : )

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