New Winners!

All right, I'm over the feeling of being unloved. Really, I am. Unfortunately, three previous winners didn't come forward, even after my last call. And so, those three are disqualified. Sorry, ex-winners.

Being a believer in hope springing eternal and all that jazz, I have drawn three new random winners from the original contest comments. And the new winners are:

1. Chris said...LibraryThing and Fang-tastic Books. :)

7. Heather C said...I have 2 places I would post a review - on my facebook page and over and my blog page at Bitten By Books. I'd love to have a copy!!!

34. Sara said...I would blog on my own personal livejournal and blogger accounts. I don't really have anyone reading those, so I would also post the review on Amazon, B&N, Borders... Basically, anywhere I can think of. Lol.

Congratulations, new winners!

Because I am now gunshy, I'm giving you 48 hours to contact me with your postal addresses. Please email me at jax aht jackiekessler daht calm with the info.

Prove that you love me. Email me with your mailing info.

And to everyone else -- thank you so much for posting!


-Kelly Meding said…
*sidles up behind Jackie and tries to look stern*

'Member folks, lots of us are willing to rob you in a blind alley to get this book. Better claim your copy fast!

*gives Evil-Eye*
Chris said…
Oh! Thank you!!!! *races off to contact Jackie*
ev said…
Or stalk Jackie...
Anonymous said…
I agree with Kelly!
Sara said…
E-mail has been sent!
Jackie said…
Thanks, Chris and Sara!

**waits patiently for Heather C**
Sabrina said…
Ack, sorry. I've hardly been on the computer the past week and a half, and didn't see I'd been picked. Alas.

But congrats to the new winners. I'll just have to hunt for a copy in the stores when it comes out.
Heather C said…
I am totally excited!!! My e-mail is on its way in a moment. My e-mail account is blocked at work. I guess they don't want me running my porn & gambling business during the day. ;)
Jackie said…
Thanks, Heather!
Karen W. said…
Ah, foiled again! These books were claimed. ;-)
Fantasy Dreamer said…
Congrats to all of the very, super luck winners! Happy Reading!

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