The "Mother of all Vampires" Theme Week

As mentioned last week, today kicks off a new theme week here at the League. My fellow conspirators and I wanted to do something not only tied in with Michele B.'s new release, but (and I can't believe I forgot this!) also celebrates May 10th.

What's May 10th, this coming Sunday? Mother's Day (USA), folks!

So let's celebrate/commiserate Mom in all her forms where our favorite vampires are concerned (books, movies, TV, etc...)!


Suzette said…
I loved Esme in the Twilight series. She is a wonderful mom and vampire to boot.
Caffey said…
I didn't realize it was this Sunday for Mother's Day until I saw them talking on TV about it and realized its this week. Mine goes quietly here but I get an extra kiss and hugs and thanks from my kids that day and its worth it!

I have Michele's on my wishlist too! I have a huge wishlist! I love my vamps and weres and all those paranormal..and fantasy.. and historical. LOL.
Caffey said…
I don't watch much TV or books, but I did love Moonlight the short time it was on and Mick and Beth. I remember one episode and they were involved with dealing with a child of Mick's past. They'd make wonderful parents too!
Falcata Times said…
The only other vamp moms I can think of are:
Blades Mom (but he dusted her),
Spike's Mom (but with the whole buffy and angel thing it does get a bit sordid after all are you talking birth moms or are we talking blood moms.)
Oh and Vampire Lestats mom. Thats as far as I get on that front though.
Jackie Ballway said…
Dracula's Brides in Van Helsing were hilarious vampire moms, as was Jason Patrick's mom in Lost Boys, and Marguerite A. (I don't want to butcher the spelling of her last name) in Lynsay Sands' books. I'm trying to think of wacky vampire moms, but my brain is still snuggled up in bed.
Jackie said…
My favorite vampire mom? Probably any of Michele's heroines from the Broken Hearts series. Or maybe Anne Rice's Queen of Darkness. Guess it depends on my mood. :D
Aw, thanks Jackie. Other than my own sexy vampires, I love Dakota's Nina and Mark's Gil. And Molly's vamps are awesome, too.
Anonymous said…
Hah! Gotcha all real mom is Arla Yvonne, vampire sheriff of area 2 in Louisisana (courtesy of Charlaine Harris). Top that! :-P

Gotta love those blood-sucking Mamas!

Debi Murray
JD said…
It's Mother's Day this Sunday in Australia also.

I guess my vampire knowledge isn't as good as I like to think it is because I couldn't think of a single vampire mum. Or a vampire with a mum. Not one.

Oh, the shame!
Anonymous said…
Vamps that are Moms? Hmmm

Selene of Underworld. Hey, Kate Beckensale is a mother. Close enough for me, besides I LOVE her sexy English accent.
-Kelly Meding said…
I'm pretty fond of Cat Crawfield's mom, Justina, in the Night Huntress books. She's developed into such an interesting character over the course of the series.

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