400 League Posts and No One Said Nothin'!

I'm back from the 3rd world, sunburnt (let's just call it a base), dehydrated (um...it should be a rule that alcohol can't turn your skin to dust, let's vote) and still sloshy from the cruise (I could fall over at any second, where's my Dramamine?). And what do I come back to?

A new League.

We hit 400 posts yesterday with Jackie's superhero saga (check it out). We're changing things up, if you haven't guessed and things are going to be pretty crazy all fall long. Some new members will be joining us (NEW LEAGUERS! That's plural bitches!), as well as some special guest stars--think Charo and George Hamilton, if they wrote paranormals and didn't have skin cancer. Clearly we've done away with the scheduled day thing, so stop by frequently and oftener. You never know what's going on around here.

Make sure to mark your calendars 'cuz next week is our Halloween Spectacular! Lots of guest blogs, scary stories, and all-around weirdness.

What can I say?

It's good to be home.


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