Da Winnahs!

Here I am, pulling myself up from my Couch of Stomach Flu to post the winners to Mark's "Worst road trip stories" contest last week!

The winners were chosen by Mark himself, and emailed to me shortly before Mark stepped onto his luxury cruise and left the rest of us to do his grunt work. While ill, in my case.

So without further ado (or whining), here they are: the winners!

sadieloree with her "wink and lick the window game"

starbucks.heaven for "Grandma loves live ammo".

Congratulations, you two! You get signed cover flats: You can email Mark with your addresses, but if you want to email me with them (Staciakane AT gmail) I'll forward them to him for you, seeing as how he's not around, and considering the boy's crazy social life I bet his Inbox will be full by the time he gets back. :-) Up to you, of course.

I'm off to huddle under blankets and curse this disease-ridden isle...


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