Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haunted houses

Do you like going to haunted houses? Because I don't!

I'm not talking about a spooky rustic tour to a supposedly haunted locale. I'm talking about the kind of haunted house that you're supposed to go to for the purpose of being scared for Halloween. Usually its in a converted community center or legion hall, some such place. I hate them.

Why? First, I'm not a pussy. Yes, I like figure skating and Days of our Lives and musicals, but I'm no pussy. I'm not afraid I'm going to wet myself when people jump out at me. But I don't like the type of peeps that tend to work at them. I find peoples day to day activities horrifying enough which is why I have elements of horror in my writing and characters anyway... I don't need to amp that up with the unpredictability of local funsters jumping out at me, fighting to get a scare out of me for my ten minute tour through a spook house. I'm more likely to punch them or knee jerk defend myself than take it in the spirit it was intended. I fear these haunted house volunteers the way I fear the local toothless prison population that work in my hometown Wal-Mart.

That said. I LOVE going to the Haunted Mansion in Disney World... but it's predictable and on a track, so apparently that makes it okay in my book.

Also, I was that kid who showed up at eight dressed as D'Artanian with sword, cape and cheesy French mustache at one of them, as they said to dress up. I was the only one dressed up... that's a deeper psychological discussion than I'm willing to get into right now...

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