I see you in there

When you pick up an Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter book you'll see that the heroine is short, petite with dark curly hair. Upon meeting its author, Laurell K. Hamilton, you will not she is short, petite with dark curly hair. It's no huge leap to guess where she got some of the ideas for Anita at this point. The first person narrator so prevalent in noirish urban fantasy and the like is no stranger to having accusations of the author presenting idealized versions of themselves.

I think what an author writes is littered with personality traits of their own, coming out all over the place, but I don't see myself in my main characters. I don't think Simon Canderous has many of my traits, other than his bowling ball sharp wit in the face of a crisis.

But he does have one very specific problem of mine: Simon experiences low blood sugar. It's the price he pays for any use of his psychometric powers. No, I don't have psychometry, but I am a diabetic and at times I do experience low blood sugar, which added a very specific weakness to Simon.

I would love to know from the other writers out there what you see of yourself in your characters. Dig deep, peeps. Are you idealizing yourself? And if you think you aren't, are you really digging deep enough? Let me know how you leak into your fake people!


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