Ch-Ch-Ch-China Doll

What's more fun than traumatic childhood experiences? Nothing, that's what.

Here's Michelle Rowen's entry into our Halloween of Horrors and therapy bills...


When I was a kid I went with my friend to visit her relatives for a weekend in Quebec. They were very nice but they had a whole roomful of creepy-looking china dolls. One of them had a very pale white face, black hair and a black dress on and while it was a beautiful doll, it looked very sad. I was looking at it when the husband of the collector decided to tell me that it was because the doll had lost her husband in the Second World War, she was in mourning, and she'd slit her wrists because she was so distraught over her loss. Now her spirit haunts the doll and the room I stood in. Then he turned around and shut the door behind him leaving me in the dark holding the scariest f*cking doll in the history of the universe. I freaked out, started bawling my eyes out and ran about three blocks away until they lured me back and the dude apologized for being a dick and scaring the beejeezus out of me.

To this day I hate collectable china dolls. HATE THEM. I am still TRAUMATIZED by this experience. *shivers* However, I don't have a problem with Ouija boards which have given me hours of fun over the years. Just dolls. I only collected teddy bears as a kid after the above experience.


Thanks Michelle!

Anyone else feel like going down to the toy store with me? Christmas is only a couple of months away and we do love us some Michelle.


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