Fear Me, For I Am Cute

So I was going to blog about copyedits. I've spent most of my time since October 1st reading through them and getting the Mighty Miss Mary Ann to help me. She spotted things like "was"s that should have been "way"s, places where a word was missing, places were a word was duplicated, and logic errors including my favorite which went something like: "When did Tabitha get dressed? Isn't she still naked?"

But I won't be posting about copyedits today and I know exactly who to blame.

It's all her fault. Yep. There are few things in this world more dangerous to productivity than a puppy. You can see it in her eyes. She knows she's dangerous. I think that late at night when the rest of us are asleep, she sits up and basks in her power. "Today," she says in puppy-speak, "I have become Cuteness the destroyer of productivity."

Oh sure, she lulls us all into a false sense of safety with her skillful ruses:

...But we know the truth. She is actually a devilish fiend, a hideous brilliant mastermind. Now if only I could comprehend her evil plan. I think this strange multi-colored life form knew, but well... you can see what became of it:

Only in this single photo can even a hint of her true depravity be seen. And yet, no one believes me. They say things like, "But she's sooo cute!" or "Wait a minute, I thought you said that you sent your copyedits off yesterday." They don't see the true extent of her genius, her insidious... WAIT NO... I can feel the cuteness sinking in!!! Must not pet the puppy! I must not submit! I MUST blog. I MUST write on the current WIP.


/wanders off gurgling happily at the puppy which has just woken up from her nap

(Note: We got a new puppy this week, folks. Isn't she cute?)


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