One reader to rule them all

So, many months ago, I signed off on a contract for Sony e-readers rights for one of my stories that was in Pandora's Closet by DAW Books. "Lady in Red" was my first short story sale about two years back and terribly thrilling to see in print.

But with electronic rights being THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE, I gladly signed off on it cuz I'm progressive like that. I figure what are the odds of someone tracking down Pandora's Closet electronically, then singling out my story to download? I'd say they'd be going well above and beyond what I expect by my Undead Approved stalkers. Then, I had a chocolate bar with crisps of bacon in it, sent back the contract and promptly forgot about it.

Got an email about my payment for the e-reader version of my story recently. What are my sales on this lone short of mine? One person in the universe has downloaded it, and frankly that's one more than I expected. I mean, I'm the author and I found just hunting it down myself was a hard find. It took about five minutes of Googling and narrowing down my options to finally come across it.

Now, Dead To Me has sold many, many copies and there's no way I could begin to figure out how everyone came to it, but I have to say that the idea of hunting down this one person who downloaded me for the Sony reader is intriguing. It's a very finite amount of people.. just one! Who are you, lone reader of me in electronic format? What is your tale? I must know...


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