Dreams are Fun

So I woke up giggling this morning.

I don't remember the dream very well. I know David and Victoria Beckham were in it; I have no idea why. They were scouting locations to build a new house, and Posh had a totally inappropriate spot picked at the base of a roller-coaster, which we had to ride several times to see the spot again and again.

Then there was some business with running around in fields, and the Beckhams were wearing very silly costumes and there was a Monty-Python-esque voiceover which in retrospect wasn't that funny, but for whatever reason in the dream it was hysterical, and I laughed so hard I woke myself up.


As dreams go it was pretty interesting. Not as interesting as some. I still cherish and am confused by the dream I had a couple of years ago in which I was explaining, in great detail, the plot of Bye Bye Birdie; it was terribly important, in the dream, that my audience really understand the nuances. And I sang the "One Last Kiss" song, complete with silly hip-shakes. (Oh one more time, oh baby one more time, it really is sublime ah honey so sublime... Don't ask how I know the words. They just sink in over time.)

I don't much believe in dream analysis; what on earth could frolicking with the Beckhams (a couple I have no interest in at all, really) or pretending to be Conrad Birdie have to do with anything? And really, I rarely remember my dreams. They tend to be pretty dull, actually. I wake up with vague memories of shopping, or going for a drive, or paying bills or something.

The hubs is the opposite. He remembers his dreams in detail, usually. And they're often fairly interesting, but again, they don't seem to mean anything at all.

How about you? Do you remember yours? Do they mean anything? What was your funniest dream?

Yes, I know it's rather a lame topic, but really, I'm still giggling over the memory of Posh in her little suit and peacock mask attempting to run across a field. She fell down. It was highly amusing.


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