Contest: Who's Your Favorite TV Superheroine?

I'm planning on writing a Really Meaningful blogpost (next week, really) about superheroines in cartoons. (Yeah, I'd wanted to do it today, but (A) I got sidetracked reading political blogs and wow, did that suck up all my time this morning and now our friends are coming over and dang I still have to clean the house, and (B) I have to go to Albacon for my afternoon panel on Urban Fantasy 101.)

So to prepare for next Sunday's post about superheroines on television, I have a question for everyone:

Who is your favorite TV cartoon superheroine?

You can post your reasons why (in fact, please do), but even if you only post who your favorite cartoon superheroine is by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, you'll be entered in yet another giveaway. :) I'll give a signed copy of Hell's Belles, plus two all-new Black and White buttons, to one random commenter, to be announced next Sunday.

Have at it!


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