Save This Show!!!

Okay people. Serious business here.

It's come to my attention that Pushing Daisies, the most consistently entertaining, visually stunning and wholly magical show on television, in my not-so-humble opinion, has taken a tragic dip in the ratings. I'm mortified.

You should be, too.

Please be mortified. Enough to tune in. I'm begging here.

How can I be expected to go on without a weekly fix of Olive Snook? Kristen Chenowith injects some serious haha into the lovelorn and snoopy Olive. Not since Gladys Cravitz has a busybody been so fun to watch.'ll be supporting urban fantasy and paranormal romance on TV. You want that, don't you? Sure True Blood got bought up for another year, but according to insiders, that's only because HBO didn't have anything better coming down the pipe. I'm not kidding, I've heard that the higher-ups are not impressed with the show or its ratings, so that's another show that may not be long for this world, if we don't act. And in case you thought that Supernatural was indestructible, you'll be surprised to know that it barely survived for a season 4. It's budget is dwindling. Funds harvested for crap shows like the rehash of 90210. Dear God, help us. Or at least that's what I've heard.

What can you do to help me not grow sour with the human race?

Watch. Hell, check out the first season from the library (you don't even have to buy it). Tell everyone you know. Blog about it. Shout it out your front door. Let's restart the buzz this show had when it first popped up.

Can you tell I'm nearly fanatical?


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