Product Placement

So last night a friend and I went to see Candace Bushnell speak. She talked about all sorts of topics--the movie, the shows, her newest book, New York, yadda yadda. She also spoke about the sociological implications of our consumer culture ... or something. I can't be sure cause I was too busy being hypnotized by her shoes.

And it got me thinking. It must be pretty good to be Candace Bushnell. In addition to being thin, blond and rich, she's got another advantage--she probably never has to pay for shoes.

Think about it, Sex and the City sometimes became a thirty minute ad for Manolo Blahnik. You know Manolo sends Candace truckloads of shoes.

I've decided to apply this theory to my own writing. If I want something I'll just put it in a book. Like right now I'm craving chocolate. Thus the scene I'm writing will include at least three references to Godiva. I wouldn't mind free shoes, but I don't think I want a closet-full of bunion-makers. So I'll put lots of references to Reef flip flops. (But never, NEVER, Crocs. The only place those shoes belong is on the devil's hooves.)

I'm still working on this idea. It's possible I'm still drunk from my post-reading drinking session. Or maybe I'm so genius it's scary. Either way, I'd love to hear your opinions on brand use in fiction.


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