Another Halloween, come and gone--with Liz Scheier, Senior Editor, Del Rey

A typical Halloween in the life of a glamorous NY editor:

The rundown:

Excellent costumes worn: 1

Last minute seams stitched: 4

Minutes of frantic stapling employed when ran out of stitching time: 2

Profanities used when accidentally stapled costume to own underwear, while wearing it: 7

Men who made obnoxiously loud comments in favor of quality of legs: 17

Number of them slapped: 0 (although it was tempting)

Number of friends pickpocketed: 1

Zeitgeist costume: bees and ladybugs (???)

Best costumes: Shaun of the Dead, Dumbledore's Facebook page

Past awkward dates seen: 1

Ideas for next year: 0 (thus far)

(Y'all, I also have an incredibly silly picture of Liz--which she claims is her in a Halloween costume, but I'm not so sure--which I am saving for a later date. Or possibly using for blackmail purposes, should such become necessary. Muahahahaha!



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