Boo to the Hoo

I lurve to watch the ghost-hunting shows. I adore Ghost Hunters, and think Jason and Grant are at least sincerely trying to figure out the paranormal. Jason is the stoic one, the one who doesn't want to admit a place is haunted unless a ghost does cartwheels across the room in front of witnesses and three different types of cameras. They have filmed some freaky stuff. I've posted one of my favorite GH moments.

The Civil War Ghost on Thermal Imaging Camera

Another show I watch is "Ghost Adventures." Three young guys get locked down in so-called haunted places. They spend most of the night trying to provoke ghosts (and overreacting to noises, and seeing things either not caught on camera, or that turn out to be flying bugs or dust particles). In their defense, they are exploring some creepy-assed areas in the dark. I'd be freaked out, too. (Wait. I wouldn't ... because I wouldn't be there. Why do you think I watch this stuff at home?) Mostly I enjoy the wide variety of tones used when they say, "Dude!" Which is a lot. What got the ball rolling for Zak, Nick and Aaron was footage that they caught at the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada. Watch this 20-second clip. Note how Zak flips his shit. Heh.

The Flying Brick at the Goldfield Hotel

Next Monday, I'm going to talk about Paranormal State and Most Haunted. I may also write a little something about A Haunting, which airs on Discovery Channel in the afternoons. Please put your favorite ghost shows in the comments. I can never watch enough paranormal drama.

Before you go and start Googling "freaky ghost stuff caught on tape," check out these awesome online happenings:

Dakota Cassidy is blogging about Tunnels of Love (yeah, that's what I thought, too, but no ... not so much) and her awesome series at The Knight Agency. Read her post and comment to win free books! You still have a chance to win more free books if you comment at DC's post on this blog.

Caitlin Kittredge is over at Bitten by Books. If you've never read one of her books, get thee to a bookstore. She rocks. And yes, there are books to be won here, too!

You can still enter to win an ARC of OVER MY DEAD BODY, Book 5 in the Broken Heart, OK series just by leaving a comment on my post on this blog. The winner will be chosen on Friday the 13th.


Oopsy Daisy said…
Oh I absolutely LOVE ghostie shows. There just aren't enough ghostie romance books out there. Very few in fact.

Anyhoo - The Locked In crew's original documentary scared the living beewhosis out of me. Did you watch TAPS when they went to the Goldfield? That shadow dude in the corner...spooky!

I got hooked on TAPS after touring the Battleship NC in Wilmington and having a paranormal experience. I had no idea it was even haunted until afterwards when I saw Danny's book in the giftshop. I later met Danny bot then and a year later when I returned and he told me some goodies about TAPS investigation there that wasn't aired. We didn;t get to see everything that happened there apparently. I was hooked on TAPS after I saw the footage on the Battleship NC.

Most Haunted annoys me because they scream all the time and it hurts my ears. They ask a spirit to knock, but when it does they scream "OMG did you hear that?" And then there is all the stupid beeping for the bad language that pops out of their mouths during the screaming episodes. Just let us hear the cuss words, don't annoy us with that stupid beeping. Argh!

Don't get me going on the ghostie shows, I'll never shut up. Oh what the hell, I never shut up anyway.

Can't wait for Over My Dead Body! Broken Heart OK rocks!
Anonymous said…
I love Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Chip Coffey from Paranormal state is in it, and most of the time they take little kids to haunted places and yell at them about not being afraid. In a good way.
Toni L, Chapman said…
Have not seen any of the Ghosty shows because I would rather read than watch television. But I do like reading some Ghost stories.

Barb P said…
Hi Michele! I'm with Toni, I really don't watch any of the ghost shows, but I do try to catch any fo the vamp shows that I can. I am also a person who just loves to sit down and read a good paranormal/urban fantasy book. Love your series and think it would be awesome to win a copy of Over My Dead Body! Thanks for holding the contest.
Suzette said…
I'm a reader too so I dont watch to much tv, but I love Ghost Hunters! I'm laways a bit disappointed when they don't catch anything on audio or video but its still cool to watch! Cant wait for Over My Dead Body! I got my 17 year old hooked on this series too!
Taylor-Marie said…
They don't have any here! Which sucks because I think they'd be good to watch ):
synde said…
wow I feel so connected..I watch the same shows and live in a fairly haunted building..ask Cherie tis true!
Dakota Cassidy said…
you can't see a damned thing in that vid. Did the guy get clocked in the head?

DC :)
sadieloree said…
I don't get a chance to watch any of the ghosty shows. But my kids are little and after they're in bed in the evening, I grab those few precious hours to get in as many hobbies/books/chores/etc as possible. TV just doesn't stand a chance. *sigh*
ann marie said…
I love ghost stories and your going to talk about my favorite 3 next week. TAPS is good but I love PRS more. Have a great week. :)
Anonymous said…
Must admit I don't really watch any of the ghost shows, mostly because I spend a lot more time reading than watching tv lol. Can't wait to read your next book.
Vampy Nurse said…
OMG Mark,
that's a freaky one!.... i haden't seen it before. My husband and two kids (ages 6 & 9)always watch this show!
One of my favorites is when they are in someone's house, in a bedroom, and the ghost or spirit, keeps throwing a hanger out of the closet!
Have you seen that one?
ReaderGal74 said…
I love all the ghostie shows too!! I am an avid DVR'er for Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. Paranormal State is okay, but I love them TAPS.

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