Mark Your Calendars- My First Signing!

If you can make it to the St. Louis area at 1 p.m. April 11th, I will have my first official signing/reading at the Chesterfield Barnes and Noble on Clarkson Road.

Yes, it sounds a little odd to have my first signing so far away from my hometown. My parents live in the St. Louis area and my mom has been talking the book up to anyone who will listen. She also handed out promotional bookmark to people on the streets of New Orleans last week. She's a one-woman maternal promotion machine.

So remember:
1 p.m. April 11th
Chesterfield Barnes and Noble
600 Clarkson Road
Chesterfield, MO.

My publicist will be scheduling something in Paducah soon.

Hope to see you there!


Mark said…
Here's the part that resonates for me...

"My publicist will be scheduling something..."

Seriously? I long for that experience.
Nicole Peeler said…
Have you practiced your signature?

I worry about that.
Anonymous said…
I am a little worried about it because my pen name is my maiden name, which I don't normally sign to anything. I'm going to have to practice or people will walk away wondering, "Who the heck is Molly (Married Name)"
Rose Pressey said…
Hello to a fellow Kentuckian!
Nicole Peeler said…
Good point. . . I bet people with pen names do that all the time (sign their real names). I totally would never have been able to keep that up, I'm wicked scatter brained. Anyway, let us know how it went! I'm so far away from that sort of stuff that I just act like it won't ever happen. ;-) Keep a list of stuff to tell us newbies about!
Mark said…
Well there's lots of us on the list to ask about signing stuff. Feel free! Another thing to think about is putting together a list of stanby inscriptions, when people ask for personalization. Seriously, sometimes I could sit there for 5 minutes thinking of something.
Anonymous said…
So I should practice writing "To the only person who showed up for my signing?" :)

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