Contest Winner

And the winner of both the signed can of Spaghetti-O's AND (her choice) Dead To Me is... DONNAS. Congratulations! Email me at with your address, please.

Give her a round of applause, everyone, and of course, don't forget that Deader Still is showing up in stores already and will be fully distributed by 2/24. Get thee to a bookery!


Lori T said…
Congrats Donnas!!
Anton Strout said…
Don't you wish YOU had a can of signed Spaghetti-O's???
Kat said…
Congrats! I am not sure what I am more jealous about... the book or the Spaghetti-Os.
Taylor-Marie said…
*is jealous* LOL (x
Anonymous said…
Congrats Donna!!!

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