Declaration of my Existence

Hello there, league and followers-of-league. My name is Cherie Priest and I'm a new inductee into this hallowed space (is it hallowed, really? I suspect otherwise). I'm a writer originally hailing from Florida, but more recently hailing from Tennessee, and then more recently still living in Seattle, Washington -- which is how I know Mark Henry, who roped me into ... well ... this.

Not that I'm complaining -- far from it. I'm a blogging fool, I am, and I'm mostly game for any further excuse to natter on in front of God and everybody about almost anything. So I send up my thanks to Mark for inviting me, and the rest of the League for having me.

If you still have no clue who I am and you demand further information, then I send you over to my personal webpage where you can rifle through my archives, my reviews, my biography and bibliography, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

[:: air kisses to all ::]


kim wells said…

As if we don't know about you! :) Glad to see you here! Welcome to a wacky space; I've been lurking, but came out to support a couple of great writers.
cherie_priest said…
Why thank you! And welcome aboard. :)
Anton Strout said…
I don't think we're hallowed here, as we are shallow here..
Jaye Wells said…
Anton has a point.

Welcome, Cherie!
-Kelly Meding said…
*waves to another fellow noob*

Hi Cherie! :)
cherie_priest said…
Thanks you guys! And yeah, I should've said "shallow." Let's pretend it's a typo ...
Toni L. Chapman said…

Nice to have another place to talk to you. Hope you have a lot of fun.

Lori T said…
Welcome Cherie!
Michele Lee said…
Wow, Hi Cherie. Fancy meeting you here.
deb said…
There are so many wonderful people here. I am amazed.
Rottie_mom said…
Hopped on you site, will recheck when I have a bit more time. Did check out your tattoos, nice .I know I should comment on books but oh well lol, my mind is a scary place.
hey cherie!
i sent a friend request at myspace to you
im happy to meet you!

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