Okay, I know you've all been waiting for this. The winners of this fabulous stash are:

Blackroze37 and Fantasy Dreamer!! Send me your snailmail info at and I'll get those packages off to you.

Now, who watched Dollhouse last night? Come on, show of hands. You know you wanted to if you didn't. So, let's hear your opinions. I'll be blogging about it in detail on Wednesday on The Biting Edge, so drop in if you DVR'd it and didn't get a chance to watch yet.

My first impression is, I liked it!! Especially the intros and little teasers during the show with Summer Glau and Eliza Dushku. If you want a taste, go here. The set on this show is rumored to be one of the most expensive ever built for tv.

I'm also going to run a contest on Wednesday--for a trade copy of the anthology Many Bloody Returns in honor of hearing today that it made the NYT bestseller list! That makes a two time winner because when the book came out in hardback, it was on the list for three weeks running! Maybe we'll break that streak. Anyway, that contest will be run on the blog Mario and I share so mark your calendars for Wednesday and walk those little fingers over to The Biting Edge--

Now-- Onto the Saturday feature-- Writers' Rooms-- I did a random drawing and came up with the first three of our Leaguers to be featured:

Mario (I swear it was random), Mark and Dakota. Here we go:

Mario says: My writing space is at one end of my bedroom. I call my space, the most holy of shrines to the Muse: The Bus, The Donut Shop, or The Sausage Factory. Also, Hangover Haven.

I say: note especially, the empty bottle that Mario swears is only used as a paperweight. I also know, there's probably a cat in that mess somewhere. Or one of his sons. Both have been missing since Mario started rewrites.

Dakots says: All I have to say about my office is this--"Yep, this is where crazy and a keyboard make beautiful music together."

I say: Admit it--you straightened this out for the pic, didn't you? I remember you saying something about doing your own housework once and I said "NO WAY." If this is really how neat you are in your writing area, I may owe you an apology. Unless of course, you've got that cute dog in the corner trained to keep everything in order for you. The candle is a nice touch, btw.

And last for this week, Mark who said: Please note that on my desk is the international symbol of cheapskates everywhere. The toilet paper roll. Oh no Kleenex for this guy.

I say: my first impression was that like Dakota, you straightened this room out for the pic. But on closer examination, there is a nice cluttery effect to your working space which mirrors your cluttery mind (notice I removed the "nice" from that second part.)I do like the tp, too. In fact, it made me go back and look at Mario's picture because I'm sure he must have a roll stashed in his office, too. Obviously, he had the good taste to hide it.

So there you go sports fans, the first chapter in getting to know the rather odd collection of individuals that make up the League. I'm glad I'm the normal one.

Now, tell me what you think. Are these pictures reflective of your impressions of these three esteemed, successful writers? Did anything surprise you about where they spend their waking hours? Have any questions for them?

Next week, we'll continue the series.

Happy Valentine's Day--


Kiyote said…
i watched both sara connor and dollhouse...sara connor is still a great show.

dollhouse...i am glad joss is back (and let me say i got a little teary eyed at the close when i saw the little mutant run across the screen). I like the premise behind it and love eliza...and umm the dude from battle star (boomer) the fbi guy - total hotty. i heard that they rebooted the show after the first 3 - so only expect it to get better. Note to self - find out how eliza seems to have found the power to NOT age - she looks better now than she did on buffy/angle and Tru Calling. HOW does she do it?

and nice to see amy acker on it as well...
Jeanne Stein said…
You are very sharp-eyed-- ( and quick, I only just checked to see if the blog posted!) I was glad to see Amy Acker, too, and it makes me wonder (hope) if more Buffy/Angel/Serenity alum will show up in future episodes.

Eliza looked amazing, I agree.

Jeanne Stein said…
PS-- I watch Sarah Connor, too.

Toni L. Chapman said…
I didn't watch either. I just don't watch TV because it cuts into my reading time. By the way please tell Mario to find the cat and his office looks like my son's. Love Dakota's and Mark TP for me too. It's cheaper than kleenx.

Kat Richardson said…
I don't believe those other photos--I think they're fake. Mario's looks like my kind of place! Except he has walls to stick things to. I have to stick my idea things to my ferret and then he runs off with my stuff! The little rat-bag!
Qwill said…
I don't watch TV except somehow I got roped into watching American Idol this season. I blame Dakota. And I believe that is truly what her work space looks like. Mario's space reminds me of my college roommate. We put a line down the middle of the dorm room so she would keep her disorder on her side. She's still one of my BFFs! And we roomed together for 3 years.
Gina said…
I love Dakota's office -- I want a similar sort of desk fo myself.

What I want to know is how can Mario manage to sit in that chair or get anything done sitting in that chair? It looks mighty uncomfortable.
Jeanne Stein said…
Hi Toni-- You are a smart woman. I have to confess, though, that I am addicted to TV-- have to have a daily fix. Of course, I consider watching anything Whedon as "research" or "education" since I try to shamelessly emulate his dialogue and character development techniques. I'm so bad, though, that I've set a rule for myself-- I can't add a new program unless I drop an old one.

I dropped American Idol for Dollhouse--(okay, confession time. I never WATCHED AI, but still if I DID watch it, it's the one I'd drop. I think that counts, doesn't it?)

Jeanne Stein said…
Gina, Qwill & Kat-- I'm hoping Mario comes on to defend himself. I'm sure as hell not going to do it.

Nicole Peeler said…
Why does everyone use chairs? Chairs are so '97. ;-)
Jeanne Stein said…
Nicole Peeler said...
Why does everyone use chairs? Chairs are so '97. ;-)

DON'T SAY ANOTHER WORD! I'm putting you up next week!!! :-)

Let's build the suspense....

Pat said…
I decided to pass on Dollhouse too. I added the show Life On Mars this season, and that's plenty extra for me.
Maybe Mario is in all that mess, but we just can't see him?
Nicole Peeler said…
I will totally keep my lips sealed, Jeanne. Or I will titillate the audience by saying things such as, "You'd be AMAZED at what I sit on when I write."

In fact, I'm sitting on it right now . . .

And I don't have a TV. It's amazing how much you get done when you don't have a TV. That said, I do netflix series, so I'll watch dollhouse in a year or so when It's out on DVD. Right now I'm on BSG3 and Freaks and Geeks. But I never have time to watch anything, so they've been sitting next to my computer for a month.
Anonymous said…
Mario's workspace makes me feel better about mine. I cleaned my for the first time last Christmas, since family came in for the holiday and used my office/guestroom. It felt weird.

Dakota's office -- is sick. LOL So clean. I love her desk setup, though. I wish I had that.

Mark's office -- pretty sickly/clean by my measure, but at least he has the TP roll. I have one too.

I hope you keep this series up, because I like seeing where others write. Hey, I watch House Hunters on HGTV, too. I'm a snoop at heart.

-- Tom Gallier
Boomer was in Dollhouse! I so missed that.

I loved Dollhouse. I'm with everyone who said that they are glad Joss is back. It's about time that I found a new show to obsess about.
Mario said…
Messy! The hell you talking about?

It's not booze, it's word lubricant.

My chair resents the insult that it is not uncomfortable. Best five bucks I've ever spent (discounting liquor).
Jeanne Stein said…
Pat-- I like Life on Mars, too-- much more than I expected to.

Tom-- I plan to expose everyone's inner sanctum so stay tuned--

Jackie M-- obsess is the right word when it comes to Whedon, isn't it? He's just that good at what he does.

Mario-- glad to see you've slept off your latest bender. I happen to know that you didn't pay ANYTHING for that chair--you FOUND it when you fell into a dumpster.

There, the truth is out!

Mario said…

About the chair--busted!
Nicole Peeler said…
*shakes her head* All this talk of chairs . . .
Dakota Cassidy said…
Dude! I'm OCD--your comments could be the ones that push me over the edge and then I'll have a nervous tic.

Do you REALLY want that?

I swear on all things writerly, that's how my office looks 99% of the time. And my poor dog is always there 'cause she's BLIND, people. She can't find her way out. Not only do you crank on a recognized disease, but yer screwin' with the disabled.

What the hell kind of group did I join? Snort.

And the desk was my mans when he was a fleet manager for GM--I lovingly call it "Command Central."

DC :)
-Kelly Meding said…
Boomer was in Dollhouse! I so missed that.

Helo was in Dollhouse, not Boomer. ;)
Dakota Cassidy said…
Oh, and Qwill--thank you. Can you even believe the doubt here? LOL

DC :)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got dollhouse , recorded on my dvr,
i started watching trust me, on TNT , didnt like it

i hoping dollhouse is good.

also the united states of tara,on showtime, i like it

and i got several eps, of levage recorded but hadnt watch any yet.

lol my dvr is just about full
i keep having to delete the stuff i had protected
to keep recording new things
Vickie said…
I was able to watch the first half hour of Dollhouse, DH watched the whole thing and commented on how hot Eliza is looking these days.....yeah, thanks for that.....
I was happy to see some familiar faces and really hoping that Joss brings back some more.

Mario's writing area looked as I imagined...bless his heart....
if that is messy, geez i sure wouldnt want you to see my desk
and sorry i crossed blog, my 16 yro is rotating me bumping the chair, so i get PO'ed and turn off comp WHICH IM NOT
Jeanne Stein said…
DC-- Tell pup I'm sorry. To add to your many virtues, you're kind to the disabled. I am SO in awe.

Blackroze sid:lol my dvr is just about full

Which is why I don't use it. If I can't watch a show w/i a couple of days, I never will.

Vickie said:DH watched the whole thing and commented on how hot Eliza is looking these days.....yeah, thanks for that.....

Yeah, I agree. It's not fair.

Anonymous said…
OH congrats to winners!!

I did watch Dollhouse and so far like it, will watch it this week lol.

Nice offices!
Gina said…
Word lubricant. LOL. That's a gem.

I'm going to make Mario's chair a slipcover in something frilly. I showed a picture of it to my chiropractor. He's still curled up in a fetal position.
Jeanne Stein said…
Gina said:I'm going to make Mario's chair a slipcover in something frilly. I showed a picture of it to my chiropractor. He's still curled up in a fetal position.

Last night at critique Mario commented that he didn't understand all the flack about his chair. It occurred to me that maybe he doesn't SIT on it at all. Maybe he kind of hovers over it--like Felix.

Vickie said…
Ahh..that's how Mario describes it so well...he actually experiences the hovering.....who needs a schteenkin' chair..not that it actually schteenks..I'm sure it is quite fragrant...
they are at the post office! YIPPEEEEEEEE

i finally watch leverage, it was good! i actually did a search and found a day they was doing htme all, cause, wouldnt you kow it, season finale,lol
Jeanne Stein said… said...
they are at the post office! YIPPEEEEEEEE

Go get 'em!

XO Jeanne

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