Get thee to a bookery

First, me and the lovely Amber Benson, who is now my BFF and who also shares my on sale date with her quirky urban fantasy, Death's Daughter. How can you not support two lovely bitchez like us, I ask you?

That said, my mind feels like zombies have been munching on it lately.

At the moment, I am:
-promoting book two, Deader Still, on sale today!
-finishing up the epilogue on book three
-packing my apartment to move to scenic New Jersey, where I will be minutes away from my precious Chik-fil-A and about a half hour from Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash.
-answering interview questions
-doing three projects for work
-planning parts of my doings for sales conference

So I'll be brief, as I'm running on fumes and short on sleep. Won't you please help support my little corner of the League by picking up a copy of Deader Still? Feel free to blog it up elsewhere. I have a hell of a lot of fun writing it, I hope you have as much fun reading it.

Anton, amateur rapscallion

PS. For the curious, why yes, I am wearing a t-shirt of my favorite xylophone playing cat, Sammy. Why do you ask? If you like Easter eggs, see if you can find a link to him on my website and enjoy him in action!


Jeanne Stein said…
Anton, AMATEUR rapscallion

AMATEUR? Surely, you've been upgraded to professional by now!

I'll be off to my neighborhood bookstore in a few to pick up DEADER STILL.


Anton Strout said…
Thank you kindly, my deviant vampire writin friend!
Nicole Peeler said…
Congrats! Will head out to purchase yer book shortly. Yay!
Anonymous said…
Darn. Wish I'd remembered that your book came out today when I was at the bookstore earlier.

I'll have to add it to the list for the next trip to the bookstore.
Vickie said…
You've gone up in my estimation now that you are BFF with Amber. Off to buy your books now....

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