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"To Trust, Honor, and Always Seek the Truth" is the motto for the Paranormal Research Society. PRS was founded by Ryan Buell in 2001, and according the the A&E website, he got a degree in 2006, and is now working on a second degree. Hey, I was a perpetual student, too. When you're in school, you don't have to face real life. But I guess you can face ghosts. I mean, that's what college is all about, right? Well, it is if you're a dude with your own A&E show about facing ghosts.

My favorite episode is "Sixth Sense." It was freaky. You can watch the whole thing on You Tube, just click HERE.

What I find so fascinating about this show ... well, about every paranormal investigation show ... is how adamant everyone is about pursing the truth and trying to determine if whatever is occurring in the home, library, business, graveyard (Ghosts in a graveyard? How odd.) is supernatural. The only show not really concerned by determining if something is really haunted is "Most Haunted." They delight in creating circumstances (tables moving, startled screams, asking 420 times "did you hear that?") that are more about entertaining than investigating. Plus, everyone has a British accent, and that makes the dialogue more interesting.

But I digress.

I don't watch "Paranormal State" consistently (actually, I don't watch any show consistently), but I did catch a marathon one day. As the shows progressed we found out that Ryan has a demon nemesis. No, I'm not making this up. (See Wikipedia.)This demon shows up in a couple of the investigations, freaks out Ryan who is stoic, but determined to win the day ... er, night, and nicely creates a plot within a reality television show. Weird, right? BTW, everyone made a big deal about not revealing the demon's name, but Wikipedia lists it. And no, I ain't putting it on my blog. I got enough crap to worry about.

PRS uses all the usual technology most ghost hunters do, but they also bring in psychics and priests. I love it when the priests show up. That just tends to piss off whatever they're trying to get rid of. The psychics usually confirm this. This is also what happens in "A Haunting." Every time they go to bless the house, it just makes everything suck worse.

So, while I will watch "Paranormal State" because I love me some ghost shows, I can't say I'm entirely convinced. I think the efforts are sincere, but in the end, something's gotta happen to keep the audience interested. That's the difference between reality and television. Reality is often boring, even when tracking down the spooky.

Next Monday, I will wrap up Ghost Month with "Most Haunted" and "A Haunting." Please put your favorite ghost show in the comments and I'll do a random drawing for an autographed copy of BECAUSE YOUR VAMPIRE SAID SO and Broken Heart swag. The heroine, Patsy, can see and speak to spirits, which complicates her undead life all the time.


Chris said…
Woe. I don't watch any TV. :(
Natalie said…
"Ghost Hunters" for the win!

These guys don't confirm that a place is haunted until a ghost practically jumps in front of them and starts doing the Macarena.
Vickie said…
I generally watch the fictional ghost shows, like Ghost Whisperererer, but I think I will look into Paranormal State, but if they say, "Did you just hear that?" it gets channel surfed.....though I do like seeing the ghost hunters' eyes glow in the NVG.
god how embarrssing

i post the blog on jeane blog.


got dollhouse , recorded on my dvr,
i started watching trust me, on TNT , didnt like it

i hoping dollhouse is good.

also the united states of tara,on showtime, i like it

and i got several eps, of levage recorded but hadnt watch any yet.

lol my dvr is just about full
i keep having to delete the stuff i had protected
to keep recording new things
Kiyote said…
Ghost Whisper - i cant watch the investigative ones cause they scare me. I mean, my gods, what if they show a real live ghost while i am watching...i would never sleep.
macbeaner said…
I really want to watch Paranormal State-especially since Penn State is not that far from me, but somehow I never seem to get to it
Anonymous said…
I kind of like Paranormal State because they're willing to tell clients, "We think you may be a little nuts, here's a counselor we'd like you to talk to."
Anonymous said…
I kind of like Paranormal State because they're willing to tell clients, "We think you may be a little nuts, here's a counselor we'd like you to talk to."
donnas said…
I love Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.
ann marie said…
My favorites are PRS and A Haunting, although I can't watch them in the dark or by myself.
Most Haunted was good the first few times but the screaming worked a nerve, I'm interested in what you have to say. Have a great week. :)
Filamena said…
I can't resit Ghost Hunters. I'm a Philly girl and can't resist the exotic appeal of the New Jersey accent.
Lori T said…
I think that Ghost Hunters would have to be mine...because it is the only one that I have seen. I would like to check out Paranormal State...I keep meaning to check out my "local listings" for a time.
Jo said…
Ghost Whisperer, definitely.

I love reading and watching about paranormal stuff. But I absolutely don't believe in it. When I start watching the investigative stuff I end up making comments - which annoys whoever turned it on in the first place and gets me in trouble... better to leave the room.
alanajoli said…
The introduction of the plot into the reality show would totally take me out of any chance I had of believing it, 100%. Ghosts? Poltergeists? Heebie jeebies? Sure. Plot in a reality show? Get offa my TV. You've just failed to suspend my disbelief. ;)

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